HiFiDeco Waterborne Speaker Box Coatings

HiFiDeco Waterborne Speaker Box Coatings is made of water-based epoxy resin and curing agent from the United States, and is an environment-friendly product with low VOC. After drying, the paint forms a solid paint film with good scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance and chemical resistance. There are a variety of products with different effects available for customers to choose from. It is a single component paint, can be diluted with water, can be dried quickly, and can create different decorative effects.


HiFiDeco is a high-quality coating and is ideal for the decoration and protection of speakers. It is also a perfect substitute for traditional solvent borne products.  


Consumers benefit of

✔ Wide range of color and effect choices

✔  Excellent impact, scratch and abrasion resistance

✔  Good chemical resistance

✔ Low VOC, non-toxic, odor free

Manufacturers benefit of

✔ Painter friendly

✔ Reduction in fire hazards  

✔ Water dilution-saves cost of paint thinner

✔ One component, ease of application

✔  Fast drying

✔   Less labor consuming

Product Range

Sandtex Series

Unique sand texture effects

Elegant outlook

Different effects on patterns and textures

Excellent scratch and abrasive resistance

Suitable for the coating of professional speakers and Karaoke speakers

Stonetex Series

Create from big to small texture pattern

Smooth texture surface

Even spreading

Hard paint film and good abrasion resistance

Can be top-coated with matt or flat finishes

Multitex Series

Creative, personalize, outstanding

Perfectly combined multi-color and texture effects

Provide same properties as other HiFiDeco Coatings

Suitable for the coating of household speakers and Karaoke speakers

Waterborne Baking Coatings

Design for metal box, metal mesh and metal spare parts

Multiple choices of solid colors and metallic colors

Exceptional tough

One component and water reducible

Suitable for the coating of household speakers and Karaoke speakers

Polyurea LY6700 Series


Dent and scratch resistant

Impact resistant

Suitable for the coating of outdoor professional speakers and linear array speakers

Matt solution for Polyurea Coating PF200 Series

Optional for Matt and semi-gloss

Extremely adhesion

Creative, unique and eye-catching color availability