CB4100 Water-based Acrylic Polyester Baking Paint

Name:Water-based Acrylic Polyester Baking Paint

Catalog:Waterborne Metal Coatings (Baking Type)


CB4100 Water-based Acrylic Polyester Baking Paint is a new environment-friendly industrial baking paint produced by waterborne acrylic polyester resin with reference to European and American environmental protection technology formula and raw materials. It is widely used in the surface coating of steel, stainless steel, zinc and aluminum alloys such as automobiles, instruments, household appliances and hardware. It does not contain any toxic solvent and can be directly diluted with water. The paint layer has bright colors, good light retention, color retention, strong adhesion, high hardness, moisture resistance. It can completely replace the traditional solvent acrylic baking paint with the advantages of abrasion resistance.

Technical Specifications

Paint Layer AppearanceSmooth , even
Viscosity (Viscosity 4# cup, 25℃)≥60
Dry time(160±5℃), min30
Gloss (60°), %≥80
Adhesion (Scratch Method), Grade≤2
Hardness (Pencil), H≥2
Water resistance (72 Hour)No gloss loss, no foaming