Waterborne Wood Flat Decorative Coatings

Catalog:Waterborne Wood Flat Decorative Coatings


CW3100 series Waterborne Wood Decorative Coatings are composed of primer sealer, primer (transparent primer, solid primer), top coat (transparent clear top coat, transparent top coat, solid top coat, metal pigment top coat, pearlescent pigment top coat, etc.). The paint layer has high hardness and good scratch resistance, chemical resistance. They are easy to construct, single component self-drying, and can provide different decorative effects of outdoor and indoor. It is a high-quality, environmentally friendly waterborne coating.

Technical Specifications

                Item                Technical Indicators
Primer SealerPrimer                Top Coat
Dry Time ≤Surface Dry, min                30
Hard Dry, h                6
Paint Layer AppearanceThe paint film is flat and smooth , and the color matches the color range.
Gloss (60°)                ━                ━Agreed
Property of GrindingEasy to grindEasy to grind                ━
Hardness (Abrasion) ≥                ━                ━                B
Adhesion (Spacing 2mm), Grade ≤                2
Adhesion Resistance [500g, (50±2) ℃/4h]                ━                ━                MM:B-0;
Scratch Resistance (100g)No scratch
Water ResistanceWater Resistance (24h)                ━                ━No abnormality
Heat Water Resistant (15 min)                ━                ━No abnormality
Alkali Resistance (50g/L NaHCO3, 1h)                ━                ━No abnormality
Alcohol Resistance (50%, 1h)                ━                ━No abnormality
Pollution Resistance (1h)VinegarNo abnormality
Green TeaNo abnormality