Floor protection is one of the key areas for commercial and industrial decoration. Floor is subjected to physical attack such as compression, scratch, impact and abrasion from people, trolleys, machineries, forklift and even vehicles. For certain circumstances, floor will be exposed to chemical attacks such as acids, alkali, grease, or solvents. Cleaning and hygiene issue becomes an important factor for decoration, seamless floor coatings become more popular because of the unique and continuous floor materials which keeps the floor dust free and no rooms for dirt or bacteria to stay. Lapo is professional in floor coatings for more than 15 years, we are not only focus on formulation performance but also study application methods, actual performance in deep. Consider all the factors from the clients, our technical team will propose the best floor system which will meet the requirements and the most important is to control the budget. SOLUTION FOR FLOOR PROTECTION AND DECORATION is our target that will continue to upgrade with the new technology. This manual including most of the floor coating systems, that you must find what you are looking for.

Selection Factors

  • Types and frequency of physical attacks, eg.abrasion, impact, scratch and loading.

  • Types of chemicals and frequency of attacks, eg.acids, alkali, solvents and greases.

  • Temperature difference, exposure to steam washing, weather change, A/C, freezing storage etc.

  • Slip resistance depends on usage, dry/wet/oily anti-slip.

  • Anti-seepage to protect underlayment and water source.

  • Low odour, less influence to daily operation (water base).

  • Fire resistance.

  • Wide range of colours.

  • Application limitation and budget.