CY-200 Lapo Water Base Epoxy Floor Coating

Water base epoxy floor coatings, low odour, good abrasion water resistance and available with wide range of colours.


Shopping mall, schools, kindergarten, bars, offices, clinic, spa centre, or those require to apply floor coatings under air conditioning. Clear varnish available.


—— Low odour, safe in application, ease of maintenance.

—— Wide range of colours.

—— Fast drying, three coats in 24 hours.

—— Water resisting and withstand commercial detergent and medical disinfectant.

—— No added fungicide but provide good fungus resistance.

Chemical properties

Water resistance168h no change
NaCl 3%20 Days no change
NaOH 10%20 Days no change
H₂SO₄  10%20 Days no change
Grease resistance (120# Gasoline)20 Days no change
Drying time (Surface)≤6Hour
Drying tine (Hard)≤48 Hour

Phycial properties

Resistance to impact
1000g steel ball, 100cm height
Paint film crackless and tack-free
Hardness (Pencil)H≥2
Water-absorbing rate%<0.1